by VXD International and in collaboration with Lance T. Miller, Vrijdag Premium Printing & Cartamundi.
This is the second edition in our city series, which will comprise a total of 10 cities, to be released one edition per year. After the success of the Vegas Diffactor project, which kicked things off in 2018, we bring you the London Diffractors.
This product features our patented transparent holographics and our bright, luxurious metal cases, both innovations of which totally distinguish us from any other playing card producer in the world.
London Diffractor decks use the patented printing technology developed by VXD Gaming (US. Patent. No. 8,777,225), which combines a standard layer of ink printing, as found on normal playing cards, with an additional hot-stamped layer of transparent holographics,
of the type typically only found on passports and other ID documents. This combination produces an entirely unique look within the playing cards industry and presents new possibilities for design expression and sets a new bar for luxuriousness. The result is a mesmerizing combination of holographic and ink, lighting up at different angles and in different lighting conditions and producing a combined artwork which tells a story of the heritage of London.
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